Conversations: Johnnie Waves

In spring 2019, I met up with a childhood friend, Johnnie, who I hadn't seen in a few years. Whilst catching up and reminiscing about school life, I was intrigued about Johnnie's perceptions + experiences of Hertfordshire as Johnnie had moved + joined my school in Year 9 from North London. I asked him questions about the culture/lifestyle shock and his feeling towards the move.

'I'm so happy that the latter part of my life was here. The peace and quiet, the space to be whoever I wanted to be. It was a great thing that my foundation was built in Tottenham, as there was a grounding, gritty and disciplined environment there. But I definitely came here at the right time.'

'I found that people in London were more closed-minded back then. For where I wanted to go and who I wanted to be, I could have easily been affected by that, and feel as if I couldn't be who I truly was. But when I moved here, I didn't owe anybody a thing, nor did I feel as if I had to act or be who the locals were in Hemel. I was never them. I didn't need to prove myself to anybody but myself.'

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