Save the British Front Rooms Before Covid Wipes Them Out!

Birmingham-based British filmmaker + photographer Courtney “CSVisuals” Salmon is on a crusade to document the remaining Black British front rooms before Covid-19 wipes them out, as they hold vital pieces to his cultural identity.

Harnessing the power of nostalgia, Courtney wants to immortalise the front room through his art project “Please Don’t Touch”, a modern-day celebration of Black British heritage that explores the parallels between the front room of the Windrush generation and sneaker culture.

The aim of the project is to draw attention to the importance of Black people in Britain by highlighting the contributions they have made and examining a common thread held by both old and new generations.

“The overall objective is to tell the story of how the public displaying of luxury goods to gain status within a socio-economic system has been passed from generation to generation. Resulting in an unconscious positive contribution to society through the act of conspicuous consumption”, Courtney says.

"Please Don't Touch" is a conceptual photo series and short film which features J2k, Poet, AJ Odudu and Dr Michael McMillan. His overall intention is to document the remaining Front Rooms and compile all of his findings into a book publication.

“Please Don’t Touch” comes under the umbrella of content-based brand All White No Hype.

Which is Courtney’s answer to tackling some of the negative hype demands of current day sneaker culture by championing timeless staple white classics.